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Have you ever noticed water pooling or flowing on streets during storms?

Cities work to design stormwater drainage systems that will keep streets from flooding, but they don’t always have information on how well the drainage systems work.

You can help!

Join a community of flood trackers, recording when and where streets flood one storm at a time!  

Flood Tracker is a community monitoring program for documenting when, where, and why streets flood. Without your reports, there is no way of monitoring the depth and timing of water of every road in town.  

Reports of street flooding can help us answer questions related to: 

  • When: How hard does it have to rain for streets to flood, and for how long?  
  • Where: Which parts of the city are prone to flooding?
  • Why: What can be done to reduce future flooding?

You can help answer these questions.

How do I track street flooding?

Download the app (iOS or Android), create an account, and join the Flood Tracker project (